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Food Blog · 27. December 2019
It's my birthday and my parents and I head out for a little birthday lunch. I wanted to check out the DEN as it came recommended by two friends of mine and I am always up for a good Japanese place. It is located right in the new suburb of Grafental but officially it's still Flingern. I've never been here in this area but I am surprised about how many apartment blocks they've built here in the past couple of years. In one of the new buildings you can find the DEN. The place looks a bit...
Food Blog · 13. November 2019
Klosterstrasse 34, Düsseldorf +49 211 17930959

Food Blog · 01. May 2019
Stromstraße 20 (Rheinturm) +49 211 8632 0018
Food Blog · 24. February 2019
So, my wine merchant was here as it was recommended to him and him and some others were agreeing that EatTokyo is a good place to go and have Sushi. My first impression was way different but irritated by his comments I thought I’d give it another shot. Holy shit! What should I say? Let’s start on a positive note. It is probably the restaurant with the best price quality ratio. The amounts of food you get are simply ridiculous. Ridiculously large I should say. And here lies the problem or...

Food Blog · 19. January 2019
Hit n‘ Run at the Maruyasu on Immermannstrasse. First time I‘ve been to this one although I know Maruyasu, of course. I‘ve picked up Lars and his daughter and we‘re havin‘ a quick lunch. The inside is quite modern and has a very clean style which appears almost clinic. There‘s a big counter to your left when you enter while you have to walk all the way to the end to order. You‘ll get a buzzer when the food is ready and you can pick it up at the adjacent counter. The food is fair...
Food Blog · 30. November 2018
Schinkelstrasse 28, Düsseldorf +49 1520 5727777

Food Blog · 11. October 2018
Collenbachstrasse 1 +49 211 94680343
Food Blog · 03. September 2018
Klosterstrasse 68a, Düsseldorf +49 211 8302222

Food Blog · 22. July 2018
Luegallee 13, Düsseldorf +49 211 95598404
Food Blog · 17. July 2018
Bismarckstrasse 53, Düsseldorf +49 211 41658988

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