Lines of fame

2020 Q3

Just a collection of lines where I took part in. Serves also as my outsourced memory. This wall will probably remember better than I do. 

The really interesting bottles you can find with #epic when you use the search function.

30 Sep 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Spontaneous session


🇩🇪 2015 Hipping by Georg Gustav Huff

🇫🇷 2017 Puligny-Montrachet Les Chalumeaux 1er Cru by Thierry et Pascale Matrot

🇪🇸 2015 4 Kilos

🇫🇷 2010 Château Poujeaux

🇮🇹 2010 Brunello di Montalcino by Il Poggione

🇮🇹 2013 Corte di Cama by Mamete Prevostini

🇩🇪 2006 Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Spätlese by Schloss Lieser

🇩🇪 2014 Rieslaner Auslese by Reichsrat von Buhl

🇩🇪 2003 Trittenheimer Apotheke Auslese by Josef Rosch


Hipping has aged well and considering that it's a really cheap wine, you get a good bang for the buck. Aged nicely but I wouldn't keep it for very much longer. Yet another Les Chalumeaux. It's a good Chardonnay but really not my style. 4 Kilos called this one out. Decent wine but nothing that breaks out. Very nice Château Poujeaux with good value for money. Yet another beautiful Il Poggione of 2010. Not as good as the last bottle I had but definitely a fine BdM. Very interesting Corte di Cama. Never had anything like that before and from the infamous 2013 it is very nice to drink right now. Lovely Juffer Sonnenuhr Spätlese and a fun Rieslaner Auslese. Wasn't much of a fan of the 03 Auslese but I keep repeating it, it was a sick hot year. Thank you, Alex, Michael and Stefan! 

26 Sep 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Alex' birthday party


🇩🇪 2016 Blanc de Noirs by Vaux

🇫🇷 2012 Champagne La Chapelle du Clos by Delphine Cazals

🇩🇪 2016 Alte Reben Spätlese trocken by Später-Veit

🇫🇷 2018 Éclat de Calcaire by Pierre Girardin

🇫🇷 2017 Puligny-Montrachet Les Chalumeaux 1er Cru Thierry et Pascale Matrot

🇮🇹 2015 Barbera d'Alba La Gambergia by Ca'Rome'

🇪🇸 2004 Rioja Gran Reserva 904 by La Rioja Alta

🇫🇷 2015 Château d'Aurilhac

🇺🇸 2008 Monte Bello by Ridge

🇩🇪 2018 Juffer Kabinett by Schloss Lieser

🇩🇪 2019 Graacher Domprobst Riesling Spätlese by Willi Schaefer

🇩🇪 2018 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett by Schloss Lieser (not in pic)


Kicking it off with BdN by Vaux. Decent but nothing to get overly excited about. Highly enjoyable the La Chapelle with a little age. Not fond of and never have been about the Alte Reben by Später-Vet. Decent Éclat de Calcaire and a 1er Cru Les Chalumeaux. Didn't like it very much a few weeks back and it hasn't changed. Seems a bit clumsy to me. Very interesting Barbera d'Alba which was very accessible. Gran Reserva 904 is a bank shot. Great every time. Didn't nail the vintage though. It seems to be changing. Fun bottle of Château d'Aurilhac but it won't keep you awake at night. Stunning as always the Monte Bello. A little late in the line but a beautiful nonetheless. A young Juffer Kabinett but unfortunately a 2018. Same goes for the Wehlener Sonnenuhr. Domprobst is a truly fine Spätlese that has years ahead. Thank you for the invitation, Alex! It's been a great and long party! 

25 Sep 2020

Tanica @ Cologne

Thank you dinner for Olivier


🇫🇷 NV AYSE Les Perles du Mont Blanc by Dominique Belluard

🇫🇷 2011 Champagne Les Rouleaux 1er Cru by Clément Perseval

🇬🇷 NV To Kokkino by Jérôme Charles Binda

🇫🇷 2017 Joseph Anne Francoise by Babass

🇮🇹 2016 Riserva Genevieve by Gabrio Bini

🇫🇷 2015 Hermitage by René-Jean Dard & Francois Ribo

🇫🇷 2016 Les Beurots by Yann Durieux

🇫🇷 2015 Bourgogne Aligoté by Francois & Claire Bouillot-Salomon

🇫🇷 ???

🇫🇷 2016 Meursault Les Tillets by Domaine Bernard-Bonin


Les Perles du Mont Blanc was an okay sparkling. Doesn't hurt but it definitely does not get me excited. Unlike the Les Rouleaux which was a really nice champagne and good to go now. Seems like the Binda wines are growing on me and the To Kokkino is no exception. Although I preferred his other wines so far. Joseph Anne Francoise was fine Chenin with headroom left as it is 2017. I'm sorry to say that I am not a huge fan of Gabrio Bini's wines and so the Riserva Genevieve is not my cup of tea. Hermitage blanc was unfortunately weak and nothing I would stock up on. Unlike everyone else in our little get together I did not enjoy Les Beurots. It's still a Pinot Gris and even the touch of Yann Durieux does not make it enjoyable for me. Loved the Aligoté which is in a superb spot right now. Only to be topped by the mysterious bottle which I have to ask again what it was. Last but not least it was a wonderful Meursault which concluded the quite natural round. Thank you, Olivier, Claudia, Irene, Anja, Jens and Markus for a wonderful evening!

20 Sep 2020

Schorn @ Düsseldorf

Pop-up BBQ feat. Christoph Suhre


🇵🇹 2019 Alvarinho by Soalheiro 

🇫🇷 2015 Château de Pibarnon

🇬🇷 2008 Syrah by Christos Kokkalis

🇩🇪 2007 Saarburger Rausch Spätlese by Forstmeister Geltz-Zilliken

🇩🇪 2004 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese by Joh. Jos. Prüm


Lovely Alvarinho by Soalheiro and I haven't had one in ages. Really need to stock up on this one. Affordable and serious value for money. Beautiful Pibarnon with tannins, of course. Syrah 08 is drinking beautifully now. It's a pity Kokkalis has sold his winery. Nice Zilliken Spätlese from a searing hot 2007. Tasty delicious but with thicker texture and creamy mouth feel. 2004 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese is simply outstanding! Thank you, Henning, Stefan and Franz Josef!

19 Sep 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇪🇸 NV Vermut Blanco by Lustau

🇩🇪 2013 Riesling Revival by Martin Müllen

🇩🇪 2012 Ölberg by Von Winning

🇫🇷 2015 Saint-Aubin Les Murgers des Dents de Chien 1er Cru by Lucien Le Moine

🇮🇹 2018 Rosso di Montalcino by Altesino

🇮🇹 2010 Brunello di Montalcino by Il Poggione

🇪🇸 2010 De Garage by Bai Gorri

🇪🇸 2015 Aalto

🇫🇷 2014 Château Charmail

🇩🇪 2016 Saar Riesling by Nik Weis


Ok, it doesn't belong in the line but that Vermut Bianco is very nice and is a recommendation. Riesling Revival is a decent Riesling with expected acidity but good total structure. Ölberg was pleasure and can be a very fine wine in many vintages. The Saint-Aubin left me a bit puzzled and I wasn't so convinced of its quality. Might be the appellation in general or the 15 vintage. 2018 Rosso is a very good table wine and should work very well with Italian food. De Garage has certainly developed nicely and is in a good spot but with tannins still present. 2015 Aalto is still too young but an enjoyable wine. Charmail is a solid Bordeaux for little money. As is the Saar Riesling from 2016. Thank you Henning, Zonk, Lars and Alex!

18 Sep 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇮🇹 2018 Langhe Bianco by Roagna

🇩🇪 2009 Halenberg GG by Schäfer-Fröhlich

🇫🇷 2009 Château d'Ampuis by E. Guigal

🇱🇧 2004 Château Musar by Gaston Hochar

🇮🇹 2013 Terra di Monteverro by Monteverro


After the little La Closerie tasting we went on to have a few wines. Starting with a fresh Langhe Bianco. Definitely different yet delicious but very young and rough around the edges. Fantastic Halenberg from the warm 2009 vintage. Another 2009 but Château d'Ampuis is in a beautiful spot right now and an absolutely charming red wine. Château Musar only showed one thing: that it's too long ago I had one. Somehow this is the first time that I had no Bordeaux associations whatsoever. Beautiful wine though. Terra die Monteverro is beautiful mid-range wine and shows lots of potential. For tannin fans it is enjoyable now but personally I would wait a few more years. Thank you, Christoph and Henning!

18 Sep 2020

Concept Riesling @ Düsseldorf

La Closerie tasting


🇫🇷 2014 Les Béguines

🇫🇷 2015 Les Béguines

🇫🇷 2011 Les Béguines

🇫🇷 2017 Les Béguines

🇫🇷 2013 Les Béguines

🇫🇷 2012 Les Béguines

🇫🇷 2015 Les Béguines Climax

🇫🇷 2015 Fac-simile

🇫🇷 2017 Fac-simile

🇫🇷 2014 Fac-simile

🇫🇷 2013 Fac-simile

🇫🇷 2016 Fac-simile

🇫🇷 2016 D'un Iota


Alper organized this beautiful little event.
Champagne La Closerie by Jérôme Prevost
2012-2017 Les Béguines
2013-2017 Fac-simile

2015 Les Béguines Climax

2016 D'un Iota

Favorite vintages from Les Béguines were 2015, 2017 and 2013. Basically the same goes for the Fac-simile. Seems to be a bit magic in those years. 17 is still young, of course. But it holds that tension and has the verve and the finesse which could make it possibly the best out of the three. D'un Iota and Climax are both very tough to evaluate for me. Not sure how they will fall into place. Would love to revisit them in a few years time. My personal recommendation therefore is to wait if you happen to hold any Climax. D'un Iota still hasn't been sold if I am informed correctly. Thank you for making this wonderful event happen, Alper! Thank you for bringing me in, Olivier!

15 Sep 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇫🇷 2019 Whispering Angel by Caves d'Esclans

🇿🇦 2018 Southend Chardonnay by Newton Johnson

🇩🇪 2014 Riesling Revival by Martin Müllen

🇫🇷 2010 Château Monbrison

🇩🇪 2007 Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Spätlese by Schloss Lieser


The Whispering Angel is yet another hopelessly overrated Rosé with a ridiculous price tag. Thank you but no thank you! Chard by Newton Johnson is drinkable but certainly not a revelation. Decent Riesling Revival from the difficult vintage 2014. Château Monbrison was a treat and is in a good spot now. The wine has become pricier the last years but definitely a good Margaux at an acceptable price. Juffer Sonnenuhr was a beautiful Spätlese from the hot 2007. Brings joy to your glass. Thank you, Henning!

14 Sep 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇩🇪 2017 Blanc de Blancs Brut by Griesel

🇫🇷 N.V. Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature by Laherte Frères

🇫🇷 N.V. Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature (magnum) by Laherte Frères

🇫🇷 N.V. Champagne Les Grandes Lignes by by Benoît Doussot

🇩🇪 2018 Riesling RR by Keller

🇩🇪 2016 Felseneck GG by Schäfer-Fröhlich

🇫🇷 2013 Mâcon-Chardonnay by Bret Brothers

🇮🇹 2008 Granato by Foradori

🇫🇷 2009 Beaune Les Perrières 1er Cru by Domaine de Montille

🇫🇷 2005 Château Gloria

🇫🇷 1964 Château La Fleur Milon


Another Griesel Sekt. Interestingly this bottle showed better than the last one. Another coincidence are the two Laherte Frères bottles. The smaller bottle was disgorged in 2019 while the magnum was disgorged in 2017. As you would expect the younger champagne was fresher and had more acidity to it while the magnum was a little more well-rounded and showed maturity. Les Grandes Lignes is a pure and very fresh champagne with no dosage. Maybe a little too straight for me. RR Riesling by Keller was young and certainly needs time to develop. I got better by the minute but this will take years. 2016 Felseneck was much more enjoyable than I had anticipated and it's only starting to develop the typical SF Felseneck aromas. Long life ahead and a few years until it will peak. Mâcon-Chardonnay is just not my style and I would have preferred a more conventional Chard. Granato demonstrated how well it can age and that it needs time. The last ones I had were young and barely drinkable. Decent red Burg by Domaine de Montille but I guess I prefer his whites. Château Gloria is another great example that even "smaller" Bordeaux can age gracefully and you don't have to go broke on Bdx every time. Lafleur-Milon was tired and slightly oxidized. Not much fun to drink anymore unfortunately. Thank you Christoph, Alper and Fabian! 



12 Sep 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Tea for two


🇩🇪 2017 Rosé Brut by Griesel

🇩🇪 2017 Blanc de Blancs Brut by Griesel

🇫🇷 2010 Château d'Escurac

🇫🇷 1991 Château Gruaud Larose

🇪🇸 2004 Gran Reserva 904 by La Rioja Alta


🇩🇪 2015 Herrenberg Kabinett by Carl Loewen


A piano night as Hans would say. Kicking it off with Griesel Rosé Brut and Blanc de Blancs. As I enjoyed the regular Sekt very much the last time, I really wanted to try these and see where Griesel's at. Interestingly I enjoyed the Rosé more than the BdB which is very unusual. It brought a little more fun and throttle. D'Escurac has started to get into the drinking window. Highly enjoyable, especially for the money. 91 Gruaud Larose was in a funky state and we didn't really appreciate that bottle much. Off vintage which never had the best reviews to begin with. Gran Reserva was quite the transition and after some difficulties we enjoyed the bottle. It's been in a perfect spot for a couple of years now yet again this might not have been the best bottle I've ever tasted. Herrenberg from 2015 is in a good spot now and definitely one of his best vintages in the last couple of years. Thank you, Fabian!


11 Sep 2020

private @ Düsseldorf


Mini tasting session


🇫🇷 Champagne Cuvée no. 741 by Jacquesson

🇩🇪 2012 Jesuitengarten GG by Acham Magin

🇫🇷 2012 Nuits-St.-Georges Les Vaucrains 1er Cru by Lucien Le Moine


🇫🇷 2016 Clos des Truffiers by Château la Negly


741 still needs a bit of air but shows how delicate and fine that champagne actually is. For the money you really can't complain. Jesuitengarten was a nice Riesling but not much more. Given the famous vineyard one could conclude that it was rather disappointing. Especially since Acham Magin is not a no-name winemaker. The Vaucrains wasn't shining that evening. As a Premier Cru by Le Moine I would have expected much more. Not sure if it's a weird window right now or if it's the vintage. We'll have to wait and see. Clos des Truffiers is a powerhouse and drinking surprisingly well for 2016. If I had the choice I would leave this at least for another ten years. Thank you, Zonk and Alex!

04 Sep 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Continuation of the spontaneous meetup


🇫🇷 2013 Les Champs Rénard by Jacques Picard

🇩🇪 1998 Hohenmorgen by Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

🇩🇪 1999 Gaisböhl G.C. by Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

🇩🇪 2013 Felsenberg GG by Schäfer-Fröhlich

🇩🇪 2018 Schubertslay Alte Reben trocken by Keller

🇩🇪 2017 Abtserde GG by Keller

🇫🇷 1982 Château Figeac

🇩🇪 2013 R by Peter Jakob Kühn

🇩🇪 2007 Kallstadter Saumagen RR Riesling Auslese trocken by Koehler-Ruprecht


As we all had fun we all continued our little wine session together. Fine champagne by Picard on the drier side but definitely worth the money. Hohenmorgen was unfortunately already gone but Gaisböhl well made up for it. Gracefully aged and Riesling at its best. Felsenberg as a counterpoint to the Felsenecks we had before. More acidity but less finesse. In the EMT bottle we had Schubertslay Alte Reben trocken by Keller which the other boys brought from the Carlsplatz. Fine wine, reductive and too young to drink right now but with lots of potential. Abtserde fell in the same category. Too young to really shine right now but a great wine in itself. Figeac split the group as some were convinced that the bottle was off. I, for my part wasn't so sure about it. But it probably should have been better than what it showed. Finally an R by PJK that had some age. It's still quite the oak monster but I like where this is going. Pretty rare but exciting. Saumagen RR was a lot better than I would have expected it to be. Great maturity and drinking window. Thank you once again, Ingo, Robert, Jörg, Robin and Fabian!

04 Sep 2020

Carlsplatz @ Düsseldorf

Spontaneous wine round


🇩🇪 2014 von der Fels by Keller

🇩🇪 1990 Winkeler Jesuitengarten Riesling Spätlese by Weingut Hamm

🇩🇪 2014 Stromberg GG by Schäfer-Fröhlich

🇩🇪 2010 Felseneck GG by Schäfer-Fröhlich

🇩🇪 2009 Felseneck GG by Schäfer-Fröhlich

🇩🇪 2009 Felseneck GG by Schäfer-Fröhlich

🇩🇪 2012 Kastanienbusch GG by Ökonomierat Rebholz

🇩🇪 2016 EMT (Versteigerungswein) by Wagner-Stempel

🇩🇪 2011 Frühlingsplätzchen GG by Emrich-Schönleber

🇩🇪 2005 Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett by Willi Schaefer


Interesting to try a von der Fels with a little bit of age when all the reductive aromas have faded away. Good Riesling with a good QPR. The Jesuitengarten was weak and without a lot of structure after 30 years. Stromberg was a fine wine while Felseneck always shows why it's the pinnacle of Schäfer-Fröhlich's range. 2010 is in good shape now while failing to compete against the legendary 2011. With 2009 we had two very different wines. While the first bottle was good everyone agreed that this was a rather weak bottle. The second made up for the first one but was still weaker than what most of us remembered. 2012 Kastanienbusch is along the lines where you would expect it to be but more elegant than 2012 would suggest. 2016 EMT was a big surprise for me and showed once again that I need to revisit the wines of Wagner-Stempel. Frühlingsplätzchen completed the GG round and stood up to the rest. 2005 Himmelreich was not as fat as you might expect but sure could have been slimmer but was delicious nonetheless. Thank you, Ingo, Robert, Jörg, Robin and Fabian!

01 Sep 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Olivier's fête


🇫🇷 Poiré

🇫🇷 2005 Champagne La Vigne aux Gamins by Thiénot

🇫🇷 2018 Arbois-Pupillin Chardonnay Pépin Blanc by Kévin Bouillet

🇫🇷 2018 Montbenault by Thomas Batardiere

🇫🇷 2013 Saint Véran Cuvée Léandre L'Homme Lion by Julien Guillot

🇫🇷 2018 Grigri by Yahou Fatal

🇮🇹 2014 Riserva Genevieve by Gabrio Bini

🇫🇷 20xx La Navine by Babass

🇫🇷 2012 Adonis by La Grapperie (Renaud Guettier)

🇫🇷 2017 Corton Grand Cru by Maison En Belles Lies (Pierre Fenals)

🇮🇹 2008 Grotte Alte by Occhipinti

🇫🇷 2009 Le Vin le plus simplement by Domaine van Berg

🇩🇪 2019 Pétillant Naturel by Julien Renard


A natural night again. The Poiré is an easy drink and it sips like lemonade for sure. Aged Thiénot with great ripe flavors and creamy texture. Beautiful Pépin Blanc that jumps right out the gate followed by a very nice Chenin by Batardiere. Cuvée Leandre is a very interesting wine as it matures for 60 months in the barrel with stunning results. Grigri was drinking very nicely, too, and I can't remember when I had so many approachable natural wines in a row. Riserva Genevieve is just not my wine. Well made for sure but it's just not for me. The second Chenin was as nice as the first one. Elegant Adonis but not necessarily my style. Corton GC is a big wine but this was a little bit too young for sure. Grotte Alte was a decent red and Bernard van Berg closed the red session with a wine that honors its name. Maybe too simple for me. Interesting Pet Nat at the end but you might know that I am not a huge fan of Pet Nats in general. Thank you, Olivier, for a GRAND night! Your generosity and hospitality is unparalleled.

30 Aug 2020

Don Melone @ Düsseldorf

Sunday chill-out


🇩🇪 2018 SL Riesling trocken by Schloss Lieser

🇩🇪 2010 Zeltinger Himmelreich Kabinett by Markus Molitor

🇩🇪 2016 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett by Max Ferd. Richter

🇩🇪 2009 Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett by Joh. Jos. Prüm


Easy Sunday chill-out mode. Solid Riesling trocken. Entry level Riesling with the typical 2018 vintage defects. Zeltinger Himmelreich is pretty advanced and of good quality but nothing to fall down on your knees about. Max Ferd. Richter is fresh, crisp with good acidity and highly enjoyable. Would love to see how it evolves over the next couple of years. JJP is JJP. Beautifully made Kabinett even though it can't hide the fact that it's from 2009. Tasty but with chubby cheeks and missing some pressure.

Thank you, Christoph, Henning, Peter and Curd! 

28 Aug 2020

private @ Köln

WineBank meet-up


🇩🇪 2016 Riesling Brut by Griesel

🇮🇹 2018 Don Carlino by Nicoletta de Fermo

🇭🇷 2018 Atimo by Filip Koletnik

🇦🇺 2019 Kids of the black hole Riesling by Ochota Barrels

🇫🇷 2016 Poulsard by Domaine des Murmures

🇫🇷 2013 DH Blanc by Yann Durieux

🇫🇷 2017 Les Noels de Montbenault Chenin by Richard Leroy

🇬🇷 20xx Sainte Obéissance by Jerôme Charles Binda

🇩🇪 2019 Riesling von der Fels by Keller

🇩🇪 2018 Riesling by Julien Renard

🇩🇪 2001 Scharzhofberger Auslese by Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt

🇩🇪 2017 Ozyetra by von Winning

🇦🇺 2019 The price of silence Gamay by Ochota Barrels

🇫🇷 20xx Champagne D'un iota by La Closerie

🇩🇪 2007 Bürgel Spätburgunder Felix by Keller

🇫🇷 2012 Champagne Empreintes Millésime by Laherte Frères

🇪🇸 2005 Rioja Vina Tondonia Reserva by Lopez de Heredia

🇫🇷 2018 Poiré

🇪🇸 2009 Rioja Gran Reserva 904 by La Rioja Alta

🇮🇹 2013 Brunello di Montalcino by Altesino

🇫🇷 NV L'Antidote by Domaine des Grottes

🇩🇪 1992 Réserve Sekt by Peter Lauer


Griesel Sekt was probably the biggest surprise for me. Great Sekt with high ambition and champagne character. Loved it! Don Carlino is yet another interesting wine from Nicoletta de Fermo. Would love to try her whole range as well. Stunning wines! Atimo is interesting but it's not something that I would follow up on. New World Riesling has been a very difficult journey so far and the Ochota doesn't make an exception. Not really convinced. Poulsard by Domaine des Mumures is simply not my wine. While it may be good I am too biased to make a proper statement. Dislike the taste and smell. DH Blanc was showing very nicely. Chenin by Richard Leroy was very young but fabulous. Would love to drink it with some age. Sainte Obéissance was a lot more enjoyable than I remembered it. Von der Fels is extremely reductive and just a bit too young to drink right now. Interesting Riesling by Julien Renard. Scharzhofberger was slightly tired and did not want to shine despite the fabulous vintage. Ozyetra is a monster and will probably show its full quality in 5-10 years. Lots of oak and power but time will tame it down. Ochota Barrels strike two as the Gamay is drinkable and unique but it doesn't really grab my attention. D'un iota was showing a lot better than I would have anticipated as it usually is pretty closed up and needs time to develop. Wonderful champagne! Bürgel was good. Period. Empreintes was a nice champagne with good value for money. Vina Tondonia keeps on disappointing. Not a bad wine in itself but not exciting either. Poiré is always a nice palate cleanser and fun bubbly. La Rioja Alta blew Tondonia out of the water. Altesino is a good Brunello and enjoyable now with a lot of potential for some more aging as tannins are still youthful. L'antidote is a nice non-alc sparkling with an herbal character. Réserve showed well while I still prefer the 91 over the 92. 

23 Aug 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇫🇷 2014 Châteauneuf-du-Pape La Bernardine by M. Chapoutier

🇫🇷 2011 Châteauneuf-du-Pape by Clos des Papes

🇮🇹 2006 Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva Grandi Anni by Avignonesi

🇪🇸 2009 Peraj Ha'abib by Capcanes

🇫🇷 2015 Pagodes de Cos

🇫🇷 1985 Château Cos d'Estournel


A small but very fine lineup here. It's the Champions League Final and we gather at Christoph's garden to watch it collectively and kick it off with La Bernardine by Chapoutier. Solid performance but with a lotta grip still to it. Clos des Papes was obviously better by a mile. Lots of power but silky tannins and very much enjoyable right now. Vino Nobile was surprisingly good and way better than the ratings suggested. Probably the best Vino Nobile I've ever had and wondering what else I have been missing there since I drink way more Brunello. Peraj Ha'abib on the other hand seems to be literally overrated. Pretty thick, clumsy and broad. It's the exact opposite of what I am looking for in a wine. Pagodes de Cos is a decent second wine and is actually quite charming at the moment despite its youth. 1985 Cos d'Estournel killed it! Truly a GRAND Bordeaux. Thank you, Henning and Christoph! 

15 Aug 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Kai's birthday party


🇫🇷 NV Champagne Grande Reserve Brut by Gosset

🇫🇷2012 Champagne Terra Extra Brut by Nathalie Falmet

🇫🇷 NV Champagne Grand Réserve Brut by André Clouet (magnum)

🇫🇷 2012 Champagne Blanc de Noirs 1er Cru by AR Lenoble

🇫🇷 2010 Champagne Millésime Grand Cru by Cazals

🇫🇷 NV Champagne Cuvée Divine En Solera by Leclerc Briant

🇫🇷 NV Champagne Cuvée Paradis by Alfred Gratien (magnum)

🇫🇷 NV Champagne Grande Cuvée 167ème edition by Krug

🇫🇷 2016 Morgon Côte du Py by Jean Foillard

🇪🇸 2004 RARO Reserva by Campillo Finca Cuesta Clara (double mag)

🇭🇺 2010 Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos by Oremus

🇫🇷 2016 Sauternes Château Latour Blanche


We started with a nice Grande Reserve by Gosset which was belittled by the host and birthday child but I think it was a veritable champagne with a fun factor. Nathalie Falmet is not my personal style as its very clean and straight. I did not like the André Clouet very much and though it was the weakest champagne of the night. AR Lenoble with a very nice and precise BdB. Cazals again a little different in style but very much enjoyable. I've had the Cuvée Divine before and I liked it then and I like it now even though it might sound freakish that they utilize a solera method for champagne. I'm not a fan of Alfred Gratien. That being said the Cuvée Paradis was the surprise of the night. A truly excellent champagne with everything I am looking for in a champagne. Stunner! Only to be topped off by Krug which comes as no surprise. This is still the benchmark. Morgon is easy to drink but I'm not a huge Bojo fan. This one needs time, too. RARO was a very nice Rioja from the famed 2004 vintage. Double the fun from a double mag. The Tokaji was too sweet all in all but still a nice wine while the Sauternes had both fans and haters. For me personally, too young and with striking green aromas that made it very unpleasant to drink. Thank you, Kai and everyone involved! 

09 Aug 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇫🇷 NV Champagne Latitude by Larmandier-Bernier

🇫🇷 2014 Champagne Éloquence Blanc de Blancs by Marie-Courtin

🇫🇷 2017 Bourgogne Blanc by Benoit Ente

🇫🇷 2016 Bourgogne Blanc by Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey

🇩🇪 2012 Pinot Noir Grande Réserve by Bernhard Koch

🇩🇪 2011 Schlossberg Spätburgunder R GG by Bernhard Huber

🇫🇷 2005 Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Didiers 1er Cru by Hospices de Nuits

🇪🇸 2009 Rioja Gran Reserva 904 by La Rioja Alta

🇫🇷 1986 Château Cos d'Estournel


Latitude is always delivering and a nice session opener. Éloquence is straighter and crisper but it depends on what style you prefer. Very good but young Benoit Ente just to be outweighed by PYCM. Both should stay in the bottle for probably another couple of years. Koch was rather disappointing as this is his flagship wine but it doesn't jump out of the gate and is missing finesse and complexity. Schlossberg definitely showed him the way. Beautiful NSG with age and power. La Rioja Alta always delivers and this bottle was no exception. Beautiful wine with potential to age but also very accessible now. Cos d'Estournel was corked unfortunately.

08 Aug 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇩🇪 2017 Riesling Brut by von Buhl

🇩🇪 2015 Hochheim Hölle GG by Künstler

🇩🇪 2015 Kostheim Weißerd GG by Künstler

🇩🇪 2010 Nonnenberg Monopol by Georg Breuer

🇩🇪 2012 Bechtheimer Stein Schwarzriesling by Weinreich

🇫🇷 2010 Les Pagodes de Cos

🇮🇹 2007 Duedidue by Marco Bonfante (Methusalem)

🇩🇪 2017 Ingelheim Riesling Kabinett by Schloss Westerhaus


The Riesling Sekt by von Buhl is more than just solid but it falls short of the Réserve. The Künstler comparison was really interesting as the Weisserd is stuck somehere in the middle of nowhere. Not very charming. The Hölle is only doing slightly better and opens up after about an hour. Very weird to drink right now. Nonnenberg was a little bit off and I still don't get why people celebrate it that much. Sure it is a good Riesling but nothing that excites me personally. High in acidity and unbalanced. The Weinreich was certainly interesting as you don't get too many Schwarzriesling but it didn't rock my world either. Les Pagodes from the stunning 2010 was in good shape and still has some more years to come. Duediedue was decent rosso that was brought from a party. Not a knight in shining armour but a solid rosso that was fun enough to drink. The Kabinett at the end was good for the sweet tooth but it's nothing I would buy again. 

Thank you, Henning, Fabian, Zonk and Kai!

07 Aug 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇩🇪 NV Réserve Brut by von Buhl

🇩🇪 2011 Kröver Paradies Spätlese trocken by Martin Müllen

🇩🇪 2018 Riesling trocken by Karthäuserhof

🇫🇷 2016 Chablis Montée de Tonnerre 1er Cru by Louis Michel & Fils

🇵🇹 2013 Bucaco Branco Reservado

🇫🇷 2017 Saumur Rouge by Domaine Guiberteau

🇫🇷 2012 Bourgogne Rouge by Domaine Joseph Roty

🇱🇧 2009 Château Musar by Gaston Hochar

🇩🇪 2013 Armand Kabinett by von Buhl

🇩🇪 2019 Riesling Kabinett limestone by Keller

🇩🇪 2015 SL Kabinett by Schloss Lieser

🇩🇪 2018 Rausch Kabinett by Forstmeister Geltz-Zilliken

🇮🇹 2018 Le Cince by Soc. Agr. Nicoletta de Fermo


Réserve by von Buhl always delivers. Martin Müllen was odd but good. Dry indeed and interesting enough even though it's from 2011. The entry level Karthäuserhof left a solid impression while the Chablis did not convince me. But I guess I'm just not a Chablis fan. The Bucaco never seizes to amaze me. It is a spectacular wine which can go for ages. Saumur Rouge was too young but a nice wine in summer. Roty a solid perfomer but nothing to get too excited about. Château Musar is always fantastic and it reminded me that we have it way too rarely. Armand was funky with a striking acidity and high levels of sugar and extremely low alcohol. Limestone  is a bank and a consistent performer.  The Lieser was falling off but it's still a very nice wine. Zilliken however was disappointing but it might be due to its youth. Chubby and restless. The Cince is the FIRST ever Rosé that I liked and I mean truly liked. It's a fabulous wine. There I said it. It's probably due to the fact because it has none of the typical Rosé attributes that I despise so much. GRAND job! Thank you Christoph, Henning and Fabian! 

01 Aug 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇩🇪 2016 Marienburg Falkenlay GG by Clemens Busch (magnum)

🇩🇪 2012/2014/2015 Mandelpfad Riesling GG by Knipser

🇫🇷 2017 Saint-Aubin 1er Cru by Jean-Claude Bachelet et Fils

🇫🇷 2015 Puligny-Montrachet Les Folatières 1er Cru by Jean-Louis Chavy

🇫🇷 2017 Bourgogne Blanc by Thomas Morey

🇫🇷 2018 Givry Clos du Celliers aux Moines 1er Cru by Domaine Joblot

🇪🇸 2010 Rioja Gran Reserva 904 by La Rioja Alta (magnum)

🇮🇹 2014 Vino Nobile di Montepulciano by Poliziano

🇩🇪 2018 Herrenberg Kabinett by Carl Loewen

🇩🇪 2016/2018 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett by Schloss Lieser

🇫🇷 2003 Sauternes by Château Doisy-Védrines

🇫🇷 2018 AIX Rosé


Big party in the house so it's a nice mix of good wines and wines to just hammer down when nobody is tasting anything anymore. Falkenlay is a beautiful GG that will still take several years to fully develop. The Mandelpfad vertical was very interesting indeed as they all are very different and 2015 being the best and 2014 being funky all the way. Saint-Aubin was clean and crisp and everyone seemed to like the Chavy but I thought it was chubby and without much depth. Rock solid Thomas Morey. The Joblot was interesting as it was extremely dense and concentrated. Much unlike anything you normally get in Burgundy but still very enjoyable. I loved the Gran Reserva 904 as always. This one is young but very accessible and fun to drink. Even from the mag. Nice and clean Poliziano and a decent Herrenberg Kabinett. Loved both Wehlener Sonnenuhr more while the 2016 was definitely the better vintage for me. More finesse and elegance. The Sauternes was good but I guess I won't become a huge fan anymore. And no, I don't know who openened that atrocious AIX. Thank you everyone! It's been a blast.

31 Jul 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇫🇷 NV Champagne Brut by Pol Couronne

🇮🇹 2018 Chardonnay by Planeta (leftover from afternoon)

🇫🇷 2018 Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes-de-Beaune "Vieille Vignes" by Jean Chartron

🇿🇦 2012 Anthonij Rupert

🇫🇷 2015 Château Talbot

🇫🇷 2014 Mer et Montagne by Famille Lafage

🇩🇪 2015 SL Riesling Kabinett by Schloss Lieser



Pol Couronne a nice and simple champagne with enough depth to please. Simple Planeta that doesn't hurt. Jean Chartron is bringing more to the table obviously and offers good value. The Anthonij Rupert is a very nice and fine wine and certainly worth to take another look at. You would probably not guess it to be new world from the first sip but it lacks the earthy minerality that Bordeaux wines will show. Talbot is young and firm but shows great potential. Lafage did the job to accompany our steak. Last but not least a beautiful entry level Kabinett by Schloss Lieser that is showing really nicely right now. Thank you everyone!

30 Jul 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇫🇷 NV Champagne Brut by Borel-Lucas

🇫🇷 NV Champagne Sélection Brut by Comtesse Marie-Louise

🇩🇪 NV Réserve Brut by von Buhl

🇫🇷 2017 Saint-Aubin 1er Cru by Jean-Claude Bachelet et Fils

🇪🇸 2007 Vina Tondonia Reserva by Lopez de Heredia

🇪🇸 2010 Rioja Gran Reserva by Contino

🇪🇸 2005 Rioja Vina del Olivo by Contino

🇿🇦 2009 Peter Barlow by Rustenberg


Kickin' off the night with two very basic champagnes. You can't really complain for the money but it has very little of what I love about champagnes. The Reserve by von Buhl is very good again but they seem to have removed the vintage on the label. Kicked both champagnes' asses. Saint-Aubin is a light and fresh Chard with sufficient complexity to be enjoyed in the sun. The Tondonia was rather disappointing. Not really bad but I expected more as it didn't show much. Gran Reserva going heads up against the Vina del Olivo and we weren't quite sure whether one was better than the other. Given the price tag we would probably just opt for the Gran Reserva which is a beautiful wine and showing nicely after 10 years. Peter Barlow was rock solid but it is a thick wine. Thank you, Henning and Kai! 

28 Jul 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Jonas 18th birthday


🇫🇷 NV Champagne Special Cuvée by Bollinger

🇫🇷 NV Champagne Blanc de Blancs extra brut by Pierre Péters

🇩🇪 2019 Saison Riesling (special beer) by Julien Renard, Fritz Wülfing and Holger Besslich

🇮🇹 2018 Don Carlino by Soc. Agr. Nicoletta de Fermo

🇫🇷 2011 Bourgogne Aligoté by Domaine Roulot

🇦🇹 2013 Tiglat by Velich

🇫🇷 2015/2016 Saumur blanc by Domaine Guiberteau

🇫🇷 2017 Saumur Les Chapaudiases by Brendan Stater-West

🇫🇷 2016 Morgon Côte du Py by Jean Foillard

🇩🇪 2018 Wald vor lauter Bäumen by Weingut Dautel

🇪🇸 1981 Vina Bosconia by Lopez de Heredia

🇮🇹 2010 Flaccianello della pieve by Azienda Agricola Fontodi


Yet another solid Bollinger. Pierre Péters was very nice to drink and since I was a little late to the 18th birthday of Jonas, it was even more accessible and open. I think we drank 'em all too fast. Very nice Riesling craft beer from the Mosel region (Thank you, Toni! #asktoni). Don Carlino is aromatic and delicate in structure but very well done. Pretty impressive for a Pecorino. No one guessed the Aligoté right but it was a scarce and very fine Aligoté. Much unlike the Tiglat. Beautiful wine but a power bomb with golden color and strength. 2016 > 2015 when it comes to the Saumur blanc. And it's not even a close race. Brendan Stater West was filigree but with good minerality. Still a baby. Rock solid Côte du Py. Wald vor lauter Bäumen is a special project and these bottles are impossible to get. For me personally, not really a pity. The Bosconia was still alive and kicking although I would presume that it has passed its peak. Fortunately it hadn't entered the complete tertiary state. Beautiful Flaccianello at the end. Not much to say, it's a damn good wine.

Thank you, Jonas, Geo and Christoph! It's been a fun night. 

26 Jul 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇫🇷 NV Champagne Special Cuvée by Bollinger

🇩🇪 2018 Stephansberg Riesling Auslese trocken by Michel

🇫🇷 2010 Château d'Escurac

🇦🇺 2005 Amon-Ra by Ben Glaetzer

🇮🇹 2010 Bramaterra by Le Pianelle

🇩🇪 2017 Trittenheimer Apotheke Riesling Auslese by Loersch


Rather spontaneous get together amongst neighbors and friends. Bollinger solid but not much more. The Stephansberg was actually very surprising as it was not like an Auslese at all. Tension and acidity with good structure and medium+ complexity. Very nice especially for 2018. 2010 Escurac is drinking beautifully right now although this bottle had a strong iron aroma which the last bottle definitely had not. Amon-Ra is a powerhouse with pressure, tannins and high concentration. Beautfiul wine but I disagree with Parker. Bramaterra was a highly enjoyable Nebbiolo blend which I had never heard of but it's in a very good window now. Apotheke by Loersch 2017 is simply stunning and dangerously delicious.

Thank you, Geo and Christoph for having us!

24 Jul 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇩🇪 2018 Buntsandstein by Andres

🇫🇷 2016 Puligny-Montrachet Clos de la Pucelle 1er Cru by Jean Chartron

🇪🇸 2014 Sestalino by Ses Talaioles

🇮🇹 2012 Contrada R by Passopisciaro

🇫🇷 2009 Château Poujeaux

🇫🇷 2009 Château Haut-Bages Libéral


Buntsandstein with a bang for the buck. If it had a little more length it would be a steal. Fantastic Clos de la Pucelle. Glad to see it came back around again. Last time I had it, it was completely choked. Chardonnay at its best. Haven't had the Sestalino in a long while. Have to say despite its flaws I still like that wine. There's something about the aromas that I can't resist. Was glad to see that the other guys actually agreed. Contrada R was a bit of a rough change. Spiking acidity but with good structure. Still, it's not as good as I remember it when I bought it. Wondering when it will reach top form. Poujeaux fell very short of the Haut-Bages Libéral. Not a bad wine in itself but it just couldn't compete. Loved the HBL! Thank you, Henning and Alex!

23 Jul 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇩🇪 2018 Riesling trocken by Schäfer-Fröhlich

🇩🇪 2019 Kabinettstück by Schloss Lieser

🇩🇪 2016 Altenberg by Van Volxem

🇫🇷 2009 Châteauneuf-du-Pape by Clos des Papes

🇩🇪 2017 Limestone Kabinett by Keller

🇩🇪 2012 Felseneck Kabinett by Schäfer-Fröhlich

🇩🇪 2014 Riesling Spätlese by Lotz

🇩🇪 2015 Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Auslese by Hoffmann Simon


Riesling trocken by SF had been opened a few days prior and it was a leftover wine. Unfortunately it didn't take very well to the massive intake of oxygen. Otherwise a fine entry level wine. I never got why there are dry Kabinett but it seems there is a market for it. While the execution is very good the wine does not spark any kind of enthusiasm in me. Altenberg is still very young but has a lot of potential. Good structure and complexity. Clos des Papes is a classic and it showed quite nicely even from the searing hot vintage of 2009. Kabi Limestone by Keller is in a good spot now and could probably go for many more years. But it's so fresh and crisp right now. Fun to drink on hot summer days. Felseneck Kabi is in a very good drinking window. Fabulous wine and a power house outside of the Mosel region. The Spätlese by Lotz didn't age well. 2014 was a difficult vintage in the Mosel region. Unbala nced and with an acidity that does not want to harmonize with the rest of the wine. Loved the Auslese by Hoffmann Simon. Well crafted and fun to drink. Thank you, Henning and Alex! 

19 Jul 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇫🇷 NV Crémant du Jura Indigène by Benedicte et Stéphane Tissot

🇩🇪 2010 Buntsandstein Riesling trocken by Frank John (Magnum)

🇩🇪 2010 Kirschgarten GG by Philipp Kuhn

🇫🇷 2016 Saumur blanc by Domain Guiberteau

🇩🇪 2013 Passion No. 1 by Robert Lingenfelder

🇫🇷 2015 Meursault Les Grand Charrons by Domaine Sébastien Magnien

🇿🇦 2009 Peter Barlow Cabernet Sauvignon by Rustenberg

🇮🇹 2016 Prologo by Soc Agr. Nicoletta de Fermo

🇫🇷 2010 Château La Confession

🇫🇷 1998 Château Pavie Macquin

🇩🇪 2019 Himmelreich Kabinett by Schloss Lieser

🇩🇪 2014 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Spätlese by Joh. Jos. Prüm

🇩🇪 2005 Trabener Würzgarten Riesling Spätlese ** by Müllen

🇩🇪 2013 Trittenheimer Apotheke Alte Reben Riesling Auslese by Loersch


Very interesting Crémant while I still prefer champagne. But very nice. Loved the unique style of Buntsandstein and its youth. The Kirschgarten was far more evolved but still very drinkable. Don't be fooled by its color. Saumur blanc 2016 is so much better than 2015. Juicy and with flow. Passion No. 1 did not leave an impression with me. Loved the Meursault by Sébastien Magnien. Burgundy Chardonnay at its best. The Peter Barlow split the group. I still like that stuff but many fellow drinkers were irritated. Highly concentrated but with length and complexity though some seemed to disagree. Prologo very juicy and light but not my style of wine. La Confession had a difficult start but I guess that the sudden change was too difficult to bear for some of us. Pavie Macquin knocked it out of the ballpark. Bordeaux at its best with a long life ahead still. Himmelreich Kabi shows the potential of 2019 and I prefer it over the 2018. Sonnenuhr by JJP was a nice Spätlese but it couldn't hide the fact that it was from the terrible vintage of 2014. Lovely Spätlese by Müllen and a fabulous Auslese by Loersch. Thank you, Henning, Adolf, Fabian, Lars and Christoph!

17 Jul 2020

WineBank @ Cologne

Tasting session with friends


🇩🇪 2018 Brauneberger Juffer Kabinett by Max Ferd. Richter

🇮🇹 2011 For England Rosé Spumante by Contratto

🇩🇪 NV Riesling Brut Sekt by Odinstal (Magnum)

🇫🇷 2017 Ivre de Vivre by Domaine de l'Octavin

🇫🇷 NV Crémant du Jura by Domain Pignier

🇩🇪 2010 Kirchspiel GG by Keller

🇩🇪 2016 Westhofen Riesling KR by Keller

🇫🇷 2012 Savagnin de voile by Domaine de Saint Pierre

🇺🇸 2017 Ribolla Gialla by Arnot-Roberts

🇮🇹 1995 Barolo by Michele Chiarlo

🇩🇪 2015 Hermannshöhle GG by Dönnhoff

🇩🇪 2018 Hochstadt Spätburgunder by Lukas Hammelmann

🇦🇹 2016 Saybritz Blaufränkisch by Weingut Weninger

🇫🇷 2000 Clos du Papillon by Domaine des Baumards

🇩🇪 2017 Sterntaucher by Jakob Tennstedt

🇪🇸 2010 Syrah Gas Company by Laboratorio Rupestre

🇫🇷 2013 DH Rouge by Yann Durieux

🇮🇹 2015 Le Lucciole by Chiara Condello

🇫🇷 2018 Anjou Ronceray by Domaine Belargus

🇫🇷 2016 Meursault Vieilles Vignes by Bernard-Bonin


What a feast! Many, many outstanding wines. Highlights were the Kirchspiel, the Savagnin, the Barolo and the Meursault by Bernard-Bonin. Thank you, Irene, Anja, Claudia, Markus, Jasper and Jens for having me!


16 Jul 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Dinner with friends


🇫🇷 2018 Chardonnay by Paul Mas

🇫🇷 2019 Métisse by Julien Altaber

🇫🇷 2018 Bourgogne by Domain Fourrey

🇫🇷 2017 Beaune by Domaine des Croix

🇫🇷 2009 Givry Clos de la Servoisine by Domaine Joblot

🇫🇷 2015 Le Petit Verdot by Domain Pain de Sucre

🇩🇪 2008 Karthäuserhofberg Spätlese by Karthäuserhof


Very nice dinner happening with friends and great food. Liked the Beaune by Domaine des Croix. Beautiful Givry from a hot 2009. 2008 Karthäuserhof Spätlese was a bank shot. Thank you for a lovely night, Nina, Verena, Franzi and Ralle!

12 Jul 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Garden times


🇫🇷 2015 Saint-Romain Cuvée de la Mésange by Domaine Ponsot

🇩🇪 2013 Steinrassel Spätburgunder by Matthias Gaul

🇩🇪 2016 Pinot Noir by Steinmetz und Hermann

🇪🇸 2006 Vina Tondonia Reserva by Lopez de Heredia

🇦🇹 2011 Lagrein Riserva by Erbhof Unterganzner

🇩🇪 2018 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett by Schloss Lieser


A fabulous entry level Ponsot which showed very nicely why even at the low end he's able to call high prices. Matthias Gaul was in good shape and enjoyable while I can't get used to the Pinot Noir by Steinmetz and Hermann. Oaky and unbalanced. Vina Tondonia repaired the palate without leaving too much enthusiasm. Lagrein is just not my grape but this one was certainly a well made representative. 2018 Lieser was able to heal some of the wounds the night had left. Still not a fan of 2018 and too much sugar in my opinion. Thank you, Henning, Zonk and Alex!

10 Jul 2020

private @ Düsseldorf



🇫🇷 NV Champagne La Croisette by Leclerc Briant

🇫🇷 2014 Bourgogne Blanc by Lucien Le Moine

🇫🇷 2017 Puligny-Montrachet Les Enseignères by Jean-Claude Ramonet

🇩🇪 2017 Ritsch GG by Carl Loewen

🇩🇪 2018 Westhofener Morstein Alte Reben by Seehof

🇩🇪 2018 Quasaar by Loch

🇩🇪 2018 Schiefergestein by Schäfer-Fröhlich

🇫🇷 2018 Givry Servoisine 1er Cru by Domaine Joblot

🇩🇪 2015 Kirschgarten GG by Knipser

🇫🇷 2003 Château Léoville Barton


After our little Bordeaux tasting we were thirsty and longing for some good wine. Kicked it off with another very nice Leclerc Briant that certainly gained with every minute it evolved in the glass. Lucien Le Moine for calibration. Beautiful Ramonet which is still a baby and needs time to settle. Ritsch is a very good Riesling but like the Quasaar I wouldn't personally cellar it while the Schiefergestein is always a fun wine and good bang for the buck. Morstein showed well and is fortunately not a typical 2018. A nice and young Joblot was followed by a beautiful Kirschgarten that could also use a couple of years. Closing out the night with a Léoville Barton from the viciously hot vintage 2003. Luckily this is fabulous Bordeaux in a good spot now and maybe just a tiny bit over the hump. Thank you, Ariana, Sabine, Thomas, Norbert, Hartwig, Alex and Kai! 

10 Jul 2020

Industrieclub @ Düsseldorf

Commanderie de Bordeaux 2019 en primeur tasting


🇫🇷 NV Champagne Folies de la Marquetterie by Taittinger

🇫🇷 2019 Bordeaux Blanc by Château Le Grand Verdus

🇫🇷 2019 Château Crabitey

🇫🇷 2019 Vin'ature by Vignobles Raguenot

🇫🇷 2019 Château de Pitray

🇫🇷 2019 Château St. Georges

🇫🇷 2019 Château Grand Corbin

🇫🇷 2019 Château Latour-Martillac

🇫🇷 2019 Château Maurac

🇫🇷 2019 Château Pédesclaux

🇫🇷 2019 Sauternes by Château de Myrat

🇫🇷 2019 Bordeaux Clairet by Château de Parenchère

🇫🇷 2019 Bordeaux Rosé 

🇫🇷 2019 Bordeaux Rosé by Citran

🇫🇷 2019 Bordeaux Blanc by Ginestet

🇫🇷 2019 Cuvée Clémence by Cheval Quancard

🇫🇷 2019 Boradeaux Rosé by Château Le Grand Verdus

🇫🇷 2019 Bad Boy by JL Thunevin

🇫🇷 2019 Les Cerisiers by Château de Francs

🇫🇷 2019 Château Faugas

🇫🇷 2019 Émotion by Château la Freynelle

🇫🇷 2019 Château Cap Leon Veyrin

🇫🇷 2019 Château Gaby

🇫🇷 2019 Château Franc Le Maine

🇫🇷 2019 Château La Cabanne

🇫🇷 2019 Château Siran

🇫🇷 2019 Château Caroline

🇫🇷 2019 Château Roquetaillade La Grange

🇫🇷 2019 Château Haut Gayat

🇫🇷 2019 Loupiac Clos Jean

🇫🇷 NV Crémant de Bordeaux by Lateyron


While I had hoped to gain some insights as to the new Bordeaux vintage of 2019 most of these wines were atrocious. Few bright lights in this lineup such as Pédesclaux and Latour Martillac and maybe one or two others. Still hard for me to say whether or not 2019 will live up to the "hype". It seems like a good vintage but I guess I will have to refer to other wines for that statement to make.

08 Jul 2020

private @ Düsseldorf

Skat night


🇩🇪 2018 Riesling by Schätzel

🇩🇪 2015 Schloss Schwabsburg by Georg Gustav Huff

🇩🇪 2017 Höllenpfad by Dönnhoff

🇩🇪 2013 Grainhübel by Von Winning

🇪🇸 2016 Ribera del Duero by Aalto


A very fine entry level Riesling by Schätzel with lots of tension. Loved the 2015 Schloss Schwabsburg when it was released and it has become even better. Beautiful wine for very little money. The Höllenpfad was certainly interesting but I wouldn't buy it again. There are better options at Dönnhoff. The Grainhübel wasn't showing too well that night. Normally a beauty it was kinda off with missing structure and an acidity that felt out of place. The Aalto is certainly young but it showed quite nicely. Thank you, Fabian and Alex!

04 Jul 2020

LaVinesse @ Düsseldorf

Spontaneous Saturday afternoon


🇪🇸 2017 Tres Picos Garnacha by Borsao

🇦🇹 20xx Blaufränkisch Klassik by Wendelin

🇫🇷 2016 Château Pédesclaux

🇪🇸 2016 Berola by Borsao

🇪🇸 2009 Vina Ardanza Reserva by La Rioja Alta

🇫🇷 2011 Madiran by Domaine Berthoumieu

🇫🇷 1994 Madiran Chapelle Lenclos by patrick Ducournau

🇫🇷 2018 Pic Saint Loup T'em T'em by Château de Valflaunès


A round of spontaneous easy drinking. Pédesclaux 2016 has potential and I would like to revisit in a couple of years. 2009 Vina Ardanza is a piece of beauty. Thank you everyone!