Personal favorites

A selection of my personal favorite restaurants in Düsseldorf. Not necessarily THE best for whatever that means. In no particular order from a foodie for foodies. And no, I do not earn a single dime by recommending these places.

noa foodbar

It's probably my favorite restaurant for many reasons. Murat and Fabi never seize to amaze me what they are able to produce in their tiny kitchen. The menu changes every other week and it's simply fabulous. Influences from all around the world without ever being random. A cool and relaxed atmosphere and value for money. A carefully selected list of wines completes the experience. Never posh, creative, yummy and friendly service thanks to a attentive and caring staff. Come in, hang out and have a good time. There should be more places like this. 


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TAkumi Tonkotsu

It's not a secret that I am a ramen lover. So, I can't do this list without mentioning the place that I probably frequent the most. Tonkotsu style ramen that packs a punch. Authentic and with a lot of depth and flavor. While people regularly pile up in front of the Naniwa I prefer the richer and creamier style of Tonkotsu ramen. Additionally, I prefer their style of noodles but that's really just a matter of taste or personal preference. If you're hungry you can always opt for the set menu. Tantan Men is my go to dish. Need to have it at least once a month. And it's THE best hangover cure. 


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Antichi Sapori

Admittedly, it's not the prettiest place in the world. But the food you will get here is always worth a visit. Franco Frau is giving his best to make your visit as pleasant as possible. You can choose antipasti from the huge counter to the left and the dishes change depending what is available. It's all fresh with great products and with a portion of love. Italian style. The food is simple but never boring. Well-seasoned and cooked to perfection. Close your eyes and taste the food. It will immediately kick you back to Italy. And everything for very fair value. Best Spaghetti Vongole in town. Tip: Ask for some bottarga to top it all off. It's worth the extra charge.


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Kim Phi

The second best option after a very long night is definitely a Pho. Unfortunately this place is only open for business on Saturdays. But coming here always feels surreal. The whole setting is so far away from what people would expect of Düsseldorf. Benches and paper towels. Almost authentic street food market atmosphere and authentic Vietnamese food. So unpretentious and honest that I don't ever wanna miss out on a Saturday Phó. If you're not shy, you should definitely check this place out at least once. Vietnamese doesn't get much better than this. 


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Nu Poc' e' Napule

Don't worry if you can't remember the name at first sight. For most of us it is a long journey to travel all the way out to Gerresheim. Little Italy of Düsseldorf. Alessandro Medoro is pizzaiolo out of passion and he serves the best pizza in Düsseldorf. I know that this statement will stir up controversy  as there are many different styles and everyone has their own opinion especially when it comes to pizza but there I said it. I live on the other side of town but I will get into my car and drive all the way just to get a grand pizza there. Nuff said! The style is Neopolitan so it might differ from the type of pizza that you usually get or order. Great products, care and love all go into making that pizza. I can't resist and it's just that damn good!


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Well, I guess I can't do this list without recommending at least one Korean place in Düsseldorf. Don't be irritated by the rather funky interior. The food is authentic and does not differ too much from what you would get in Korea in a place like this. Yes, it has flaws here and there but if you ask me where to go to get some good Korean food there are only the Finanzämtche POZANGMATCHA and the YoGi. I slightly prefer the YoGi but that's just my personal taste. It's comfort food for me anyway. Always a good choice deep in the night for some hearty and really satisfying food. Flavorful and an explosion of spices and umami in your mouth. Eat, drink, repeat! Makgeolli, Soju and beer 'til you can't no more. 


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