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The YoGi has opened in close vicinity of the Finanzämtche and has gained a followership in a short amount of time. The rather hip decor needs a little getting used to and it feels somewhat like in an amusement park with fake shop facades and Korean advertisement posters.

The range of Korean dishes is large and finds its roots in Korean S(e)oulfood. Therefore the menu is similar to the one at the Finanzämtche with few differences and dishes on top. Samgyeobsal (pork belly in slices) is most often outstanding and seeks its rival. Apart from that you can always go for Bulgogi (grilled meat), Jeon (kor. pan cakes), Donkkaseu (kor. Schnitzel), Ddeokbokki (pieces of rice "cake" in a spicy sauce). Pretty authentic and with lots of seasoning and spiciness. 



23 Dec 2017


And another round at YoGi after a successful wine session.


Tried the Yetnal Donggasu but the sauce was somewhat freakish. Had a BBQ taste to it that I don‘t know that way. Didn‘t suit the food so please no experiments on that end. Donggasu is fine just the way it is.


22 Dec 2017


A little snack at night at Yogi. Right now I prefer this place over the Pozangmatcha. Somehow seasoning is better and it tastes the part. You have to get used to the wild interior, the baseball shirt uniforms and the fact that the sign is actually an indicator that it‘s a place that sells cigarettes. Of course, they don‘t and you can‘t smoke there.


The Korean BBQ is good and it‘s quite authentic. One of those joints where you have Korean street food and just get silly drunk on Soju. Still a clear recommendation if you like Korean food.


02 Mar 2018


Yet another pit stop at the Yogi in Düsseldorf. Please excuse the picture quality but the light in that place is rather funky and dark.

Thick cut pork belly, Kimchi Jeon and chicken for the win! 


14 Apr 2018


So, coming to a close and ending what turned out to be one of the longest and most epic day/night ever, we went for snacks at the Yogi. I’ve been here before, I will come here again and it’s probably one of the best places to be once you’re really drunk and have a craving for umami food.


if you haven’t been here before you need to check it out. It really looks funky but it’s probably as close as it gets when it comes to Korean booze food. We capped it off right here and after Soju and Makgeolli I was game over. It was only 2 AM but mind you that we started at 11:30 in the morning. So one last time thank you everyone who was involved, shared bottles, and participated. It was legendary! Special thanks to Sebastian who paid for this round of food!


24 Jun 2018


Yet another trip to the YoGi restaurant. We order several dishes and we love one variation of pork belly (삼겹살) very much and re-order it. Interestingly the second portion of the dish is almost completely different from the first round. Still good but far from the one we‘ve had earlier. We haven‘t come to a conclusion as products and chefs should have been identical. We are used to varying quality of goods and spot performances but we have never experienced something like this on the very same night. Maybe the recipe needs a little do over or the personnel need some more training. While we still liked the quality a deviation this huge in a single night is very off-putting.


Still, I guess I‘ll be back soon for more 😉


07 Sep 2018


Quick lunch with a friend at Yogi. Their menu is a little modified, so you can‘t get the good shit they have at night. So, my friend and I go for one of their sets Galbijjim and Zzazangmyeon (no clue how you write that in romanized Korean; 갈비찜 and 짜장면)


I prefer their regular menu and the Zzazangmyeon is fundamentally weak. While the noodles are ok, the sauce is watery in texture and very light. Apart from the egg and the cucumber julienne there are no toppings to be found. The side dishes are ok and the Galbijjim is okayish. Regarding the price you probably can‘t complain but when you think about what you can eat here in the evenings, the lunch offerings are not representative.


Korean lunch remains difficult in Düsseldorf while there are some attractive options in the evenings. .


27 Nov 2018


Long time, no Korean so it‘s time for another round at YoGi. Kimchi Jeon (김치전), Samgyeopsal (삼겹살), Doeji Bulgogi (되지 불고기) and Tong Chicken (통치켄).


Why swerve when your go to dishes are always rick solid and make you happy.


10 Apr 2019


Christina is in town as she started her new job here. No time to celebrate but at least get some snacks.


She‘s never been here so I reside to the classics. Dweji Bulgogi [되지 불고기] and Kimchi Jeon [김치전]. Haven‘t been here in a while so it was nice to get my K food fix.


01 Oct 2019


After the wine party is over Lars and I head over to the YoGi for some midnight snacks. It’s a Tuesday night so there aren’t many people at that place and we are the last ones to order.


They never seize to amaze me with new menus. New design but mostly the same dishes. So we order Bulgogi, Samgyeobsal Kimchi and Kimchi Jeon. The Kimchi Jeon has definitely changed. You can already tell by the picture (yes they have menus with pictures) that the portion has shrunk significantly. The price has also dropped but not really proportionally. Or at least it doesn’t feel that way. Still tasty and delicious but I can’t really see why they changed the form. Well, except for making more profit. Bulgogi is rock solid and good. The Samgyeobsal cut however is a bit too thick for my taste. Still delicious but if you grill it like this then I prefer it thinner. All in all, still a very good late dinner.


We leave happy and content. Thank you for the invitation, Lars!


20 Aug 2020


26 Aug 2020



Grupellostrasse 5, Düsseldorf


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