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Food Blog · 29. April 2019
Carlsplatz, stand F3 +49 211 8800 857
Food Blog · 15. January 2019
Carlsplatz 19-24, Düsseldorf

Food Blog · 03. March 2018
The Tour de Menu in Düsseldorf has started by courtesy of Mr. Düsseldorf I was asked if I could check out their new "Quick Lunch" format and I was invited to hit the relatively new Pastalicious right in the vicinity of the Carlsplatz. It’s been there since April last year and I have passed it numerous times but never when I was actually looking for something to eat. I had it on my backburner-list somewhere behind my restaurants-to-visit-list. Which was probably the reason why I never made...
Food Blog · 09. February 2018
Carlsplatz Stand D03, Düsseldorf +49 211 23865511