Carlsplatz 19-24, Düsseldorf


Apologies for the picture! I ran out of ideas how to actually capture this “sorry piece of pita” in order to do it right. I failed. Why put it up then? Because I probably won’t be here in the near future and I still wanna give a shoutout. So, please ignore the crappy shot and read along if you may.


What you see is the best Falafel wrap in town and you can find it at the Carlsplatz market. Right on the corner when you come out of the Berger Strasse. This place has been here for ages and never in my life have I not seen the owner smiling and having a cordial attitude. He works alone at his stand and makes every single wrap by himself and it's cooked to order. Which is kinda irritating when you stand in line and only two will be prepared. So, plan for some time to wait if there are more than five people in front of you.


What you will get though is probably the best Falafel wrap in Düsseldorf, lovingly prepared with different highly aromatic self-made sauces with slaw and other vegetables. It feels like an explosion of tastes in your mouth and that’s why I can’t have it that often any more. When I was working at EY there were months when I had it every week and I kinda had too many of them. It is so rich and full of flavor that it’s sometimes hard to take. If you hadn’t had it yet you need to try though. You won’t regret it. At 8€ it seems pricy but it’s really not when you consider what you get. And trust me you won’t leave hungry.


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