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Food Blog · 14. February 2020
Leostrasse 1a, Düsseldorf +49 211 50670801
Food Blog · 19. January 2019
Hit n‘ Run at the Maruyasu on Immermannstrasse. First time I‘ve been to this one although I know Maruyasu, of course. I‘ve picked up Lars and his daughter and we‘re havin‘ a quick lunch. The inside is quite modern and has a very clean style which appears almost clinic. There‘s a big counter to your left when you enter while you have to walk all the way to the end to order. You‘ll get a buzzer when the food is ready and you can pick it up at the adjacent counter. The food is fair...

Food Blog · 22. July 2018
Luegallee 13, Düsseldorf +49 211 95598404
Food Blog · 10. June 2018
Belsenplatz 3, Düsseldorf +49 211 46878530