Casa Cortilla

It is a little embarrassing that first of all I haven’t been here for a long time and secondly that I’ve never posted about this place: the Casa Cortilla. One of the best food stands on the Carlsplatz with owner Domenico Pecoraro . They have been at this spot for more than 15 years and it goes on and on.


At first glance the Casa Cortilla doesn’t look like much. It is incredible what they are able to produce and put on your plate when you look at the small cabin. They offer a range of Antipasti and mainly pasta dishes. All neatly jotted down on a tall green chalk board right next to the stand. Right next to their cabin they have another larger hut for all the hungry people that do not want to eat in the rain.


Be advised during lunch time it can take some time until you actually receive your dishes as it gets very busy around that time.


What you can see here is their “signature dish” the truffle taglierini on a beef carpaccio bed with rocket salad and parmesan. At currently 11EUR  it is a fair offer for a delicious plate. The paper thin carpaccio is at top level and with the truffle pasta on top it doesn’t even matter that the carpaccio directly underneath cures a little. It is a well balanced combination with all the right and good ingredients. A wonderful Italian taste explosion in your mouth that takes you all the way back Tuscany. Even though they do not mix pasta with carpaccio in Italy. Still a wonderful moment and the taste keeps lingering while you’re reminiscing your last tour in Italy. Such a grand little place the Casa Cortilla. Grazie mille, Domenico!


23 May 2019


Another beautiful day and Hans and I meet up for lunch at the Carlsplatz. It‘s pasta time and what better place to go to than to visit Domenico Pecoraro at his Casa Cortilla.

Tagliatelle in a spicy tomato sauce with cherry tomatoes, garlic, herbs and prawns. Divine! And yet so simple. I love the fact that the level of spiciness actually leaves a tingling feeling on my tongue. The garlic and the herbs give it the kick you need for a great pasta dish. 

This also one of the very few Spaghetti Bolognese that I would order outside. For me personally it could be even a little more dense with the minced meat braised a little longer but I‘m splitting hairs here. If you love Bolognese then you should try it here. You won‘t regret it.


I will make this a series and cut through the whole menu. Italian at the Carlsplatz only knows one answer. Casa Cortilla.

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