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Finally, I am here! Meeting up with Lars, Fabian and Norbert. I know that their drinks are good and that I like the location but I actually haven‘t been here for the food. That‘s not exactly right. I was here for a Christmas menu with the Düsseldorf office of my employer.


So Tuna tartare up front, Black Angus filet with fries and Cesar Salad and an Espresso Martini for dessert.

To sum it up a very pleasurable experience although the meat was slightly undercooked. Which is the better option than being too well done. Meat quality is good and you can‘t complain about the price tag. The starters look expensive but then again they are a little bit more than just starters quantity wise. Good seasoning, good dressing, salt and pepper on point. Not too simple, bot overly fancy. Just what I like. The William's Bar is definitely more than just a bar and it‘s sad that it‘s sometimes considered as „merely“ that.


We had a wonderful evening and I am very confident that I will return. Good job!


03 Sep 2019


The Stadtmenü finished this Sunday and those of you who follow my stories might remember it. So here is the official post. Thank you Tina Husemann from THE DORF for inviting me! We had some good talks and exchange at the event and were able to try the menu of the William's Bar. The motto was „So(fish)ticated thus fish and seafood were in focus.


• Fried scallops with cauliflower purée, lobster foam, coriander oil and hazelnut

• Ginger sorbet with sake

• Loup de mer & octopus with black salsify and apple-celery ragout

• Variations of lemon; cake, ice cream, chip and gel


The Williams Bar did not disappoint. My scallops were a bit salty as someone might have dipped into the salt bag a little too enthusiastically. I didn’t hear any complaints from anyone at the table so I must’ve been unlucky. The scallops themselves were on point and the whole composition was a balanced combination that matched perfectly.

The ginger sorbet was very spicy and made for a good refresher to relieve the palate and at the same time it had character and showed confidence which I personally like.

Loup de mer & octopus were just as good as the photo suggests. I have had softer octopus but taste wise it was certainly of good quality and not one of those worn out rubber tires that you sometimes get. For what it’s worth I preferred the Loup de mer which was on point, too. Splitting hairs I could note that it was a wee bit overcooked and I prefer my skin a little crunchier but that is my personal preference. Black salsify has become very rare in kitchens today so I was glad that it found its way onto my plate while the apple-celery ragout rounded off the composition in whole.

The dessert was refined and well executed but not outstanding. Still, I love variations and see what the pâtissier does with the given product. All in all, it was a very good 4-course menu and high-quality standard. Don’t over judge what I am writing as I am mostly on the critical end when it comes to food and wine. Awesome job from Tobias Eroglu and the kitchen crew! Kudos!


21 Feb 2020


29 Aug 2020

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