Tokyo Ramen Takeichi

Immermannstrasse 18, Düsseldorf

+49 211 1581 1829




It's relatively new and it has opened up shop near the intersection between Immermannstrasse and Oststrasse. Tokyo style ramen is the classic shoyu style. In the old days soba noodles were served in a dashi soup. And when the shoyu stocks emerged a mix of both was created. Nowadays, the blend of chicken stock with a shoyu base and dashi represent the unique tokyo style. 

The tokyo ramen are usually served with chashu, kamaboko (special form of surimi), ajitama (soft-boiled egg, marinated in soy sauce and refined with spices and miso here), minced leek and pickled bamboo sprouts. However the stocks here remind me of the tonkotsu style as they are boiled down until they gain a dense and creamy texture. There is quite the number of choices you can make at this place. I highly recommend to always order the ajitama because it definitely enhances the dish.


08 Sep 2019


New Ramen kid in town and it‘s located on Immermannstrasse where all the competition is nearby. Still a clever selection as there are long lines in front of most of the other joints and not exclusively during rush hour.


From the outside it is screaming at the bypassers in black and white. But despite all the logos, texts, stoppers and banners it looks inconspicuous.


Once inside it is dark and gloomy and the big window fronts do not succeed to fill the vast room with bright light. It‘s not tremendously cozy and the general appeal could be a tad more inviting. Definitely not a beauty contest winner.


The special offer is Tantan Men and I can‘t resist. The noodles are cut like soba noodles and therefore have a softer bite as they cure in the hot stock. The stock itself is a deep and extremely creamy soup with lots of collagen extracted from the chicken. Calling it rich would be an understatement. And it is tasty with proper seasoning while I still prefer pork-based broths but that‘s just my personal preference. The chicken strips are slightly above perfect pitch but it could be the ramen itself that did the overcooking. Still good and tasty. A highlight is the optional egg as it is pickled in a miso-based spice cocktail. It‘s well worth ordering.


All in all it was a very good ramen soup and I like the fact that there is an additional option when it comes to my beloved noodle soup. 


20 May 2019


Uli rings me up to have lunch with him since he’s in town for a meeting and would like to grab a bite. He leaves choosing an appropriate place up to me and since I liked it the last time so much I propose the Tokyo Ramen Takeichi. Giving me the opportunity to validate my first impressions.


Tokyo Ramen is a style and the Godfather of Shoyo Ramen. Back in the day in Tokyo Soba noodles were served in a Dashi soup. When the use of Shoyu was introduced the Dashi was still a part of the Ramen recipes. Nowadays chicken stock and Shoyu is combined with Dashi in order to create the extraordinary Tokyo style. It is usually served with Chashu, Kamaboko, Ajitama, and is topped with chopped leek and preserved bamboo shoots.

Apart from that you will also find very deep, rich and creamy broths that resemble the Tonkotsu flavor. So there are various types and styles that you can choose from here.


My first impressions are confirmed and the Ramen here are really good while I prefer the Tonkotsu or Miso style. In the end I will pick Takumi 2nd Tonkotsu over Tokyo Ramen Takeichi still but that is just my personal preference. I can’t find fault with what is presented here and the Ramen are very tasty and seem to be well-crafted with proper seasoning which makes it a joyride for your palate. Düsseldorf gains yet another very good Ramen spot and there seems to be no end to it as the Daruma-Ya will be opening soon, as well as the second Takumi Chicken & Veggie. It will be interesting to see how many Ramen places Düsseldorf will be able to accommodate but judging from the long lines at Naniwa and Takumi, we haven’t reached the ceiling yet.


23 Feb 2020


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