The Grill Upper Kö

Königsallee 30, Düsseldorf

+49 211 3275400


Please excuse the shitty pictures. To be upfront, it’s a lot better than what it looks like.


It’s a Wednesday evening and I have inherited a ticket for the Secret Dinner hosted by Mr. Düsseldorf. I haven’t been here before so I gladly grab the opportunity to taste their food and have a look at the fully renovated restaurant. If you‘re interested in participating at a Secret Dinner, head over to Mr. Düsseldorf and find out when the next date is set. Surprise dinner menu at an undisclosed location for a very fair price.


The food was very good. High quality products and cured on point. But then again it‘s just grillin‘ a steak. It‘s not rocket science. Friendly staff, chief master host Timo Beck, a lovely Paula and Chris made it a very pleasant night out.


Thank you Mr. Düsseldorf!!! Great event as always!

Thank you Hans for bequesting me that ticket!

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