TAO China Bistro Dim Sum

Collenbachstrasse 73, Düsseldorf

+49 211 2003 0581


It’s Alex’ birthday and he has invited us to a Dim Sum place that I hadn’t even heard about up until that point. Well, of course I am curious to see what’s what. The place doesn’t look like much from the outside but it’s a Friday night and the place is packed and our table in the corner is the last one to take.

As we are a group of seven we share and try a lotta different things. Some classics and some of the stuff that I haven’t had so far. Well, it’s been a wild night so I can’t go into much detail here. The dumpling variations are good I like the nests best. It is an overall solid quality and you get good authentic Hong Kong style food. Down to earth and straight. The Dim Sum Gourmet will still remain my favorite dim sum place here in Düsseldorf but it’s a good effort. Very friendly service, too. So yes, we had a grand night out.


Thank you @alkle100 for the invitation! Too bad you missed the rest of it. 🤣

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