Bahnstrasse 63

+49 211 5144 0117


The best Indian place around according to Fabian so I have to go for a dine and dash, of course. Unusual corner but lovingly decorated on the inside. They just don’t make restaurants like this anymore. Still, the style is so out of date that there is a trashy feel to it. Yet you feel welcome and explore with your eyes while there is always something new to discover.

We order a round of different dishes and while it was all good it seemed to be an off-day according to Fabian. The Dal especially needed some serious salt and the chicken could have been softer. Taste-wise it was all in check but since Fabian was so convinced about this place I need to come back. Prices are fair and I love the fact that they offer Thali menus. It’s good Indian cuisine that could be improved with just a few tweaks. Will check back soon.


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