Naniwa - Noodles & Soups

Oststrasse 55, Düsseldorf

+49 211 161799



If you think of ramen it is almost automatically associated with Naniwa. The OG amongst the ramen restaurant in Düsseldorf. They have been the first address for more than 25 years when it comes to those noodle soups from Japan. 

The long lines and the benches beneath the patio heaters which are occupied almost all of the time have become city-wide famous. Or at least it sparks curiosity. If these long lines are justified or not needs to be decided by everyone individually. It's a fact that the ramen are good and are offered in the three classic stock "flavors". Shio (salt), Shoyu (soy sauce) and Miso (soy bean paste). Chashu ham is usually used as meat topping. A braised pork belly which is cut in slices and it's the most classic of all ramen toppings. Great food but when you see the lines, I'd recommend to go to the other places. They're not the slightest bit worse and it's just not necessary to sit and wait for 20 minutes in front of the Naniwa if you want to enjoy grand ramen. 


12 Jan 2014


24 May 2020


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