Konditorei Heinemann

Martin-Luther-Platz 32

+49 211 132 535


Other outlets:

Bahnstrasse 16

Luegallee 47

Rethelstrasse 153

Admittedly, this place still looks like I remember it from my childhood. Even though they renovated a part of the café upstairs. Yet still it has that 80s „charm“ and somehow you expect it to be this way. But maybe it's just me being nostalgic again. Anyway the whole place does not come off as modern by any standard. 


The coffee here is atrocious but the cakes and pralines they serve are still amongst the best in town. I love the champagne truffles and all their little specials during Christmas time. Today, it‘s a champagne cream cake and it‘s divine as always. It's very unfortunate that for your coffee you have to find another place. Still love coming here. 

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