Ratinger Str. 9, Düsseldorf

+49 211 15858794


Press Lunch at the new restaurant at the Andreas Quartier in Düsseldorf. Together with THE DORF, (Tina Husemann) and other representatives we had the opportunity to taste a nice selection of different dishes from their menu.


• Mixed starters .

• Marinated trout, fennel

• Steak sandwich, rye bread

• Herb salad, king oyster mushroom, poached egg

• Corn-fed chicken, celery, mash

• Pumpkin tarte, house-made nut ice cream


Nice experience and the insight that the place looks great in daylight, too. Great job with the dishes and it makes you want to try more. Loved the steak sandwich while in that size the crunch of the bread is a bit too tough and makes it difficult to eat. The meat is tender and of high quality and left the most memorable impression without taking away from the other dishes. 


Very delicious across the board, so I shall return. Good job at the Frank’s!


09 Jul 2020 

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