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Right on Fischerstrasse you can find the Dong Wu and it has developed into one of the lunch hotspots in the area in a short amount of time.  You can now find Szechuan cuisine, which seems to be on the rise in Düsseldorf anyway, close to the Nordstrasse. The decor is simple and reminds you more of a fast food joint with a tidy setup. Large pictures in a flipbook support you to make a decision.

You can even select the width of your noodles for the respective dishes. Regarding the spiciness level they will friendly ask you how hot you can take it. Terrific, simple dishes for fair value always invite you to make a stop at the DongWu. There is a lot to discover and personally, apart from their brilliant noodle dishes I would recommend the bonbon chicken as a starter and the wantan soup.


14 Nov 2018


There’s a new kid in town and I didn’t take notice. Jens was so friendly to tip me off and said that he likes the place and that I should go and check it out. It took me a while but I finally got here with Fabian. My other trusted sidekick besides Lars when it comes to culinary discoveries.


You will almost walk past it without taking notice. Even though there is a large sign in the window and now even a menu with pictures on it. It always appears a bit touristy but it makes sense as people are still not very familiar with true Chinese cuisine. Especially when you think about that former generations have ruined the reputation for Chinese cuisine for decades with all their sweet-sour-somethings and glutamate saturated dishes to go.


However you enter the room and it’s a simple yet clean environment and you will immediately notice that it doesn’t smell like a fast-food joint. .


The menu is definitely Szechuan infused but not limited to it. If you go for a noodle dish you can choose between three different widths. The Bon Bon chicken is delicious and spicy and very well seasoned. The Wantan Soup is our favorite with a deep stock and outstanding wantans. The ribs fall short because the broth used is different and lacks a little depth while we at first thought it’s the same thing. The potato and carrot salad was plain and didn’t taste like much. We’re still not sure if the dish is meant that way. Still, a very nice meal with a good complexity and balance. You can choose the level of spiciness and the staff is very helpful. Big plus on that side, too.


On a short note, this joint does not hold any bathrooms and does not serve alcohol.  Prices are fair and you will receive a decent and pretty authentic meal. It’s only been up for a couple of months but it’s well frequented so you might wanna be on time.

Pleasant experience and I will definitely come back.


11 Dec 2018


Introducing Dong Wu to Hans.  I like this place for its authenticity and uncomplicated manner. It’s lunch time and the place is packed. I’m glad that business is going well, so I don’t have to worry if this restaurant going to be here next year. .

We tried the rice dish with mixed vegetables and the chicken feet which was a completely new experience for me.


Dong Wu is a place that falls into my favorite category of restaurants. Casual, tasty and very affordable. You don’t have to think twice if you are able to go there. Price-quality ratio is great. Chinese kitchen made easy. 


06 Jan 2019


It's a Sunday and Nadine and Ingo have the idea to check out the Dong Wu since they haven't been there yet. In fact it's lunch time and I haven't decided on what to eat anyway, so I'm glad that someone else takes away my decision on what to eat.


We meet at the Dong Wu and I am finally able to try the Yibin fire noodles. They both go for a noodle dish with chick peas. For starters we have the bon bon chicken, wan tan soup and fried pork. Everything is well on point and yummy. Exactly what I needed this Sunday. It is striking that the place is relatively empty. But then again we are here at on off time and the weather is not the nicest out there. And it appears as if they had a busy time before we came in. I think Nadine and Ingo also enjoyed themselves here and it won't be the last time they attended this place.


Always a pleasure to come here. Easy and uncomplicated, delicious and very affordable. There's not much more you can desire.

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    Jan D (Saturday, 24 October 2020 15:41)

    Wir lieben Dong Wu!

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    Lou D. (Monday, 26 October 2020 12:40)

    Zu recht! ;)