Daidokoro Umaimon

Hansaallee 244, Düsseldorf

+49 211 52809951




Just half a year prior to the opening of the Takumi Tonkotsu the Daidokoro Umaimon set up shop on the other side of the Rhine. As you can tell from the logo everything here is about chicken. All stocks are based on chicken and the meat toppings are also chicken. And even apart from that the universally beloved poultry is presented in different varieties. You don't have to miss out on classics such as tori teriyaki and kara age. Still, the main focus are the beloved noodle soups. Even though the restaurant is located in an off-area you need to be prepared to wait in line during rush hour. There are many Japanese expats living on that side of town and they seek authentic home cuisine in close vicinity.

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