Café Buur

It’s lunch time and I want to check out the new hot place in town. At least judging by the long lines outside of this place. I have read an interesting interview with the owner who claimed that part of their success was that their meals were ‚instagrammable‘. Well, I prefer quality over instagrammability any day of the week but hey if it helps your business...


When you take a look inside you’ll see a modern interior. Hip and trendy but you can’t get rid of the feeling that you have seen all of this somewhere some place else before. It all has become substitutable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all neat and I appreciate that there was some thought put into the decor but it’s becoming random.

Breakfast around the clock seems to be a concept that has been missing though. Which I don’t understand because breakfast is probably the meal that I need as much as a puncture while going 200 on the Autobahn. But I do love Eggs Benedict. And good ones are hard to come by. The first round my eggs are pretty much hard-boiled, so I ask the waitress whether or not this was normal here. To this day I don't understand the answer "It's usually half and half". Returning my plate was no problem and I promptly receive my new pan with my Eggs Benedict overeasy. Still strange, I have never seen poached eggs hard-boiled. Ok, little mishap. No problem. Professionally taken care of. Kudos.

Now, the food… well, it’s not bad but it’s not good either. The guac misses some seasoning badly as it's bland and while you can see some herbs in it there’s not much else to it. The eggs are okay but the pan doesn’t help to make the eggs stay overeasy for very long. There’s a reason that when you have hot stone steaks in restaurants, you get a second plate, so you can vary the level of doneness yourself. The hollandaise appears to be convenience. If it was a fresh one, texture and taste were truly poor missing the light feel, dancing on  tongue and any true taste.


All in all, yes you can go here but why should you? Value is fair but it’s a close call. If you’re an instagrammer then by all means go and take „instagrammable“ pictures of your food, knowing that you could have eaten better somewhere else. Maybe not as pretty.

Personally, I don't get these hypes. Especially when it comes to shit restaurants and concepts.  I don't think I'll ever come back for another taste.

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