Aldo Genovese

Schirmerstrasse 17, Düsseldorf

+49 211 59875405


A little tip from an old Italian friend and chef. Didn’t have it on my radar at all. Nice little spot and they have extended the place apparently. Cosy and warm place right in the neighborhood of Derendorf. Service is friendly and eager to help. The menu is sufficient and there are some dishes to explore from the daily/weekly menu as well. Food quality is good and it feels almost like in Italy. Which is a compliment and an achievement since I miss the honest and simple yet high quality cuisine of Italy in Düsseldorf very much. Too many bad pizza places and wannabe luxury Italians are scattered across the whole city while they are mediocre to outright bad with very little value for money. 

So, a clear recommendation for this little place here and you should keep it in my mind. They are rare and they are good and somewhat unknown. They don’t have the publicity of hip restaurants where everyone wants to be seen. Unjustified. 

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