Weinhaus Tante Anna

Andreasstrasse 8, Düsseldorf

+49 211 131163


The Weinhaus Tante Anna is kind of an institution in Düsseldorf and its history roots back to the 16th century. The Oxenfort family has owned this place since 1820. It is a stunningly beautiful building and the decor is partially more than 300 years old. Having a dinner here just to take a look around is actually worth giving it a shot and yet I had never realized before how pretty this place is. Myriam Oxenfort is running this place now in 7th generation but there has been some confusion when it transitioned in August 2019. 

So, here I am and we are celebrating my mother's birthday and I pay my fellow wine lover Thomas Uwe Bergk a visit. It's my white "January" still as I had postponed the beginning of my alcohol-free phase, much to the surprise of Thomas. Sorry, man! But he wouldn't be a good somm if he wasn't able to provide some other nice options so I had an alcohol-free Riesling Sekt that was very much drinkable. I have had similar stuff in the past and it was oftentimes outright disgusting. However, I take a look at the wine list that Thomas has compiled and it is a very nice selection. Especially, when you consider that he had to start from scratch. If I remember correctly most of the old cellar was removed when the ownership changed. So, you will definitely be able to find a nice drop or two. 


The cuisine is certainly ambitious and has a regional focus in terms of style and sourcing. And while everything was neatly prepared and well presented it somehow did not spark joy in me to put it in Marie Kondo terms. There is not anything in particular wrong with it but it sounded better when I read it on the menu. Seasoning is fine but I'm missing more finesse or maybe more of a surprise and flavors. It is unfair to criticize when you can't put your finger on it but this is how I felt. It just needed that extra kick and the flavors to pop a little more. Craftsmanship is good but it all tastes a bit boring. A little more courage in composition and seasoning would definitely help.


The service however is friendly and attentive. The coffee was atrocious. A new coffee machine is already planned for the near future as they seem well aware of that problem.

All in all it was a very pleasant visit and I guess I will have to revisit to find my final verdict. Unfortunately, as it didn't ignite much enthusiasm this might take a little longer.


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